Always show the enclose in if context menu

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In the dom tree. ServiceStudio seems to be trying to be too smart and sometimes doesn't give us that option when we really need it. The screen space that is saved there by removing the option is not really that important. 

Created on 2 Sep 2012
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I am not sure what you mean?

Can you give an example because I am a bit confused of some of the sentences.

When you right click on the dom tree, you normally have the option to 'Enclose in if'.

Sometimes that option is not available when it should. For instance if the element you're clicking on is already an if widget the option does not appear but it should.

Saving that vertical space by hiding that option that is really useful, doesn't make much sense.
I understand it now., thanks for the clarification.

Imho I doubt it was just for saving screenspace ;)

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