Forge Components Documentation or Steps

Hi All,

Some of the forge components don't have documentation or steps to work on their environment. For fresher who are new to Outsystems try to use Forge components but there is not clear documentation or steps to work on it. So providing clear documentation or steps will be very much appreciated.


Anand D

2020-02-04 07-58-32
Matthias Preuter

We (as the community) do our best to document and maintain our components. When you need help or documentation for a specific component, then it's maybe a good idea to drop a comment in the support section of this component. 

"Ask not what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community" - John F. Kennedy 

Hi, Anand. Considering that we already have the asset documentation section in the Forge, what would be your idea to overcome that problem?

Thanks! :)

Hi Angela,

Some of the components don't have clear documentation on how to use the components in our environment. So it is difficult to understand and use the Forge components for Fresher or who are new to outsystems. So by providing the clear step by step process documentation we can overcome this problem.


Anand D