Ability to find usages of procedures used for maintainability

We execute procedures from the SQL node in our applications, but as it is not an entity or a view, it doesn't come via the Integration extension. If we add/remove a parameter in the procedure, the call to procedure needs to change at all the usages in the service studio. It would be great if in some way, we get to know the usages of a particular procedure so that it is easy to maintain changes without any miss outs as it fails only at runtime then.

Hi Rashi,

That could be a useful feature but meanwhile you can create a specific _IS module that will wrap your procedures calls. You can call this modules something like Customer_Proc_IS.

With this naming convention you will know which module you need to change and because this procedure is inside an action you can immediately gather the impact in your factory.


Thanks Nuno!

I agree That could be a useful feature.