WebBlock - Output Parameter

By enigma on 23 Sep 2012
How about output parameters for web blocks?

This could help reusing upto single fields. And reduce bugs, ie. where accidently one attribute wasnt set in 2 out of 50 fields, which then lead to invalid inputs and ofcourse a big expedition to finding the two faulty fields.

ie. you have a date input field, which needs a special logic and is used accross all espaces.
Input field

You can create a webblock, with the input field and all required logic, preparation, actions, style etc

Have an input parameter, for the current or initial date and then the new output parameter, to return the changed value.
Date WebBlock

Now the webblock can be implemented in any form, to update the date in any table.
Example Form
(in this example, the date chunk is used for the date of birth. but it would also be any other date field, in other forms, from other tables)
Rebecca Hall1 Oct 2012
You can notify the parent page / web block using the "NotifyWidget" action and pass these values.
enigma7 Nov 2012
Thank you very much for the hint! =)
But wouldnt you also preffer an output parameter?
For transparency, but also you wouldnt have to call an action for every such field in the form.