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we all know that nifty toolbox on the left where you have your the tools or widgets for designing eSpace elements.

what I am missing in that department, the ability to place there most commonly used widgets/actions or even combined actions.
perhaps even 2 placeholders:

- favourites (say 5 favourites you want to have there)
- last 5 used  (just like the recentitems thingy, only for actions/widgets)

Simple examples I am thinking about (and absolutely not limted to, because it should be customizable)

- Feedbackmessage
- Audit
- CatchError (3 elements) :  the Exception-Feedbackmessage-End, with 1 drag'n'drop you have it inside your action
- PopupClose (2 elements): PopupNotify, PopupClose
and ofcourse your most used action, like "CheckSession" "ValidateSomething"

Created on 27 Sep 2012
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Hello all.
I would like to see a favourites section on the right side of service studio (the espace tree), perhaps a new tab "Favourites" besides "Processes", "Interface", "Logic", and "Data", that could have any of these types of elements.
That way it would be very easy to move around a few user actions, screen actions, preparations, etc, to speed up development.