Filter in the logic, data and interface tabs to filter public, private and all objects
Service Studio

I think it would be nice to have a filter option available in the logic, data and interface tabs to filter private, public and all objects.

  1. both - shows all objects (default - current functionality)
  2. public - shows only objects that are public or folders that have public objects inside
  3. private - shows only objects that are private or folders that have private objects inside

Good One @Matthew Stokes .

But the current functionality should be ok until you have a lot of objects in which its difficult.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

Hi Matthew,

Why you need this, could you explain the use cases?



Hi all.

I think the feature Matthew is suggesting would come in very handy to speed up the task of finding public elements not being consumed by other modules. If we could tell Service Studio to just show public elements, then it would be faster to go through that list and find usages in all modules for each public element.

Finally, each element we find not being consumed elsewhere would be set as private, and Service Studio would automatically hide it from the public-only view.


Hello Daniel,
As Shubham Tiwari mentioned, the current functionality is fine for smaller modules. But becomes cumbersome when larger modules are involved.

One use case is exactly as Ricardo Reis has stated. Another use I can think of is where you would like to address the tech debt indicated by Architecture dashboard. Public entities without descriptions is one example. This will aid in quickly identifying all public object instead of having to click on each object and check whether it is public or not.



2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

If you want to find public elements that are nowhere consumed, I would prefer a menu option just to do that, that would speed up the process even more. And I am pretty sure that Idea already exists. Not time to look it up now. Alternatively, this could be finding in ArchDashboard too.

What I would not want to do is open a module, select public/private... as soon as people write down the use case all of a sudden better/more automated options are available to explore as new feature

Sorry Daniel, I don't know if I follow what you are saying.
If I have 50 findings in Architecture dashboard that say "Public elements without descriptions" I am really not going to want to click "open in service studio" 50 times from architecture dashboard. And, If for example there are 200 actions in the module, I don't want to have to click each one to see if it is public. Same for entities and web blocks. 
Perhaps something like a toolbar with buttons: then there is space for future improvements and you don't have to close the door on those.. 

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

That is not what I am saying, sorry if it wasn't clear to you. What I tried to say is, if the use case is to identify if there are public elements not used, that OutSytems would just need to report this automatically either in Service Studio or ArchDash. I don't see why one would need a toggle in a module in service studio to say "show me public elements".

In modules with multiple methods you would also normally group them in folders, just to group them by behaviour 'Public'/'Private', use naming conventions for the methods, or set a different method icon.

With a lot of methods though, the above methods need to be done for every public/private methods. A toggle to filter the whole method list on an already available method parameter (Public Yes/No), would make it easier to identify the public/private methods and provide more clarity on what data will be publicly available for other modules to use/modify.