Allow the use of referenced webflows in error handling of themes

On our radar
If we define a theme we can only use a webflow of the current espace as error handling.
I think it will be usefull to be able to use referenced flows, specialy if we want a common error flow.

Another way is the theme inherit the error handling flow from the base theme.
Created on 3 Oct 2012
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I think you give answer to your own question.

You can inherit the error handling of your base theme for a general error handling.
But right now, thats not possible. If you have a general theme (say theme1) with an error handling flow and another theme (say theme2) that uses the first one as base, theme2 does not inherit the error handling flow of theme1. You have to build a new one. 

In my opinion a theme should inherit the error handling flow from its base and allow the developer to change it if necessary (use another flow, remove the error handling, ...). Or, if this is not possible, allow the use of referenced flows in error handling.
Ah on that way. Didn't had to try that one yet but if that indeed isn't possible, you've got my vote!