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My suggestion is to make the seperate screen elements zoomable or icons and text elements sizable. I have seen some users struggle with the interface of Service Studio due to the large amount of small icons and text. So my suggestion is to make the platform more accesable for users with less good eyesight.
Created on 9 Oct 2012
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Tip: Actions are zoomable by holding down the CTRL key and using your mouse wheel.
Like rebecca said, zooming is possible.

It would be nice to have a option to go back to the 100% size (some verions earlier you could click another action and go back and the view was back to 100% again).

Having that said, make flows that goes top down....then you only need to scroll with you mouse ;-).
Like in browsers you can return to 100% view, by combining Ctrl + 0.


Nice to know I'm still not that neardy (-:

Didn't know about the ctr. 0