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Sometimes you get across a large eSpace with lots of different entities, interfaces and other elements. After working for a hour, most of the elements are expanded to view the content. But if you start working on another section, you have to collapse them all by hand. I find this very unpractical. I though it would be handy if you can rightclick for instance a Screen Flow, and get an option to expand or collapse all containing web screens and content.

Maybe even thinking of more futuristic options, is the option to 'Expand/Collapse all connected elements'. That wil expand or collapse all the web screens, flows and entities that you currently do or do not want to use. 

Created on 9 Oct 2012
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I think you mean expand/collapse all in Service Studio ;-)
Like in other tree components (eg: MS Explorer), if you hold Ctrl + rigth click on the tree node you will expand/collapse that node.

Hello Miguel,

Just tried, didn't work.....

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