Where Clause in ComboBox

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Add the where clause in ComboBox

Created on 17 Oct 2012
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29 Oct 2012
Since we're discussing this topic, allow me to add to this request:
  • Add the Order by clause
  • Ability to set an expression in the Source Attribute (e.g.: {STATE}.[Code] + " - " + {STATE}.[Description])
5 Nov 2012
Wouldn't all these requests (where clause, order by clause, set expression) be caught by just being able to define a query (simple or advanced) for the ComboBox content? That's better imho than adding a gazillion parameters that the platform uses to build that query.
13 May 2013
Defining a query would be another database hit. There are certain times where querytime can be restrictive. However, this issue could be addressed should the ability to filter or query record lists were put into place. This could technically be combined with that idea.