[Advanced Queries] Wildcard expansion on Aliased entities

By Davide Marquês on 22 Oct 2012
I'd like to suggest an extension to the Advanced Query parser which would enable expanding column names on aliased entities.

Instead of writting:
SELECT contactlist.*
from {Contact} contactlist

a developer could write:
SELECT {Contact contactlist}.*
from {Contact} contactlist

This would provide the compiler with the information required to expand the columns correctly and would make advanced queries more robust against entity changes.

Remco Dekkinga5 Nov 2012
I'm not sure if the suggested solution is the best, but the described problem could be a big problem, because it can result in problems in the application without generating any warning or error.

A different solution could be to have the system check the advanced queries which are using entities that are being changed by the user and create some kind of automatic warnings/errors.