Bounce Screen (without any UI elements) for Reactive Web and Mobile

When using Traditional Web App, we can create Preparation only screen without any UI elements. And in the Preparation action, we can do any server process and then redirecting to other screen. 
Note that the contents of this bounce screen won't be sent to client browser.

In order to do similar process in RW/Mobile, we have to prepare the contents of the screen. Because any server actions can be called only from actual screens and these screens will be shown to end users before calling server actions.

It is very useful for me that we can create bounce node in the UI flow section of RW/Mobile module. The bounce node can have a single server action which must redirect to other screen or URL on the end of its flow.

Using Expose REST API allows to create similar function. But there are no way to check user session in the REST API action of RW/Mobile module.
(In the document of PlatformRuntime API, it seems that we can obtain session info in REST API action. But I can not obtain session info by using the document's API in RW app's REST API action. )

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

That is not true, In RW/Mobile you can do in the OnIntialize what you can do in TWA in preperation.

No screen widgets, just logic in OnInitialize and a redirect to another screen.

Thank you Daniël for your comment.

I agree that UI-less screen can redirect to another screen by using OnInitialize.
But I also think next two points for the Idea.

1) Using server action in OnInitialize, TrueChange alerts it.
2) OnInitialize is run on client side (I like a server side only redirection).

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

Why you prefer a server side redirection? when you can do it without a roundtrip to the server?
On of the advantages of Reactive web is that you can offload some server processing to client side making applications more responsive.

When I wrote the idea, I thought the following case.

Using OutSystems with external id provider service, the service will redirect to app's url and the app will move to its suitable page after server side process with the response of the id provider service.
In this case, a task of the bounce page (app's url) is server side only.