[WoC] Add an option to dislike an idea.

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It should be possible to dislike an idea.
You should only be able to dislike an idea when you also create a comment.

This way you can see the pros and cons of the idea.
Created on 5 Nov 2012
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6 Nov 2012
I rather not have a dislike (not sure if I wanted it in the beginning)

This should be a constructive place where ideas no matter how silly can evolve into something interesting.
An idea doesn't have to suit your needs with this kind of product.

(I know I have been negative on certain ideas, but hindsight I should be more neutral :) )
Ofcourse you could challenge the idea, because you don't understand why people would even suggest that idea.

Let me explain that with a very black-whitish example.
"Support the Oracle Database"
Now, if the people who dislike the idea are in favour of MS-SQL  and people who like the idea are in favour of Oracle.

For the product it could benefit in total if they support Oracle.
But for the people who favour MS-SQL they could not care less. They do not benefit from that idea.
And if they are in the majority the whole idea is disliked, what then?

(and your idea I don't dislike, I merely not liking it, small but important difference)