make installing/upgrading platform server 1-click or less

Install Processes
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when you upgraded or install a new platform server..

- you have to install .net framework manually
- configure iis manually
- use the configuration tool
- do a commandline command updatedb
- start services
- do a commandline scinstall

- update recheck licence.

why can't we have this all in 1 wizard and/or unattended install with a config-script.

Created on 13 May 2010
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14 May 2010
Great idea!

Since half of the checklist can be scripted failry easily this shouldn't be a major problem. I actually created something fairly basic for a "First Install". Shouldn't be too hard to actually do a detect on the architecture (x86 or x64).

Also see my new request, making this even easier:

14 Feb 2011
Hi all!

The previously Express Editions installers (wizard) were very practical. In 2 or 3 clicks we install Sql Server, Platform Server and Service Studio at once.

When I want to install/update/upgrade a Platform Server I need to do a couple of things before and after the Platform Server installation (check .net framework, backup files, start outsystems services, publish service center, etc), that things aren't difficult, but is boring to do all that, when I know you can create a wizard with all that, like you did created on 4.* Express Editions.


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