Refreshing Webservices

Not right now

I am using several webservices in my application, and  if changes occur, I need to refresh them one by one. Is there a way I can refresh all webservices at once?

Created on 22 Nov 2012
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It would also be great when you are able to refresh the webservices and republish the eSpace through a button at the module overview in Service Center. Now you have to open the eSpace, refresh each webservice and publish the eSpace. Using just one button from the module overview would be much faster.
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Not right now

Hi Erik,

Sorry for the late reply, but we are not planning on delivering this in the near future.

The investment to do this properly is too big for the return and for the upcoming new features that we have in mind. Because of this, I’m marking this idea as “not right now”.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea and keep it coming.

If you believe we missed some context that would change our perception about it, please give us more details about why you would need this and for what is the use case.