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Hi all,

I think the Service studio has major usability problems. One thing i'm noticing is that there should be a way to switch between action and screens in a faster way.

Imagine you are developing an action based on other action. If 2 tabs were open with each action the developer could easily switch back and forth and develop faster.
The way one has to do right now is constantly open each action, navigate to to desired SU, check its properties and then go back to the other action and do the same. This is extremely time consuming because of the time i it takes to to this procedures but also (and more important too) because i loose focus during the process. I'm not entirely focues on the task i have to do, but also on the constantly switch of environement.

I think it woud be a great addiction to the service center and fairly simple to develop.

Thank you,
Best Regards,
Emanuel Silva
Created on 23 Nov 2012
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I like the idea, I've found myself very often switching back and forth between two actions when e.g. making changes to an action that is similar to another one. Having two side-by-side (or four, or whatever amount I'd like to see at once on my screen) would be ideal for that.

Being able to show a screen layout alongside the associated actions would be very helpful.  Even multiple action flows need to be displayed side by side sometimes for comparison.  Other development tools provide for an unlimited number of simultaneous tabs.  While that does get unwieldy, a number of the developers I work with feel that the single tab per espace is an unwelcome restriction.
This would be incredibly useful. 
I agree and I miss these tabs too much!!

Having this would be awesome. Not having tabs to navigate between multiple actions/screen is a major drawback to Service Studio. It's one of my biggest complaints about the platform right now.

This is a must!