Regular Expression filter on Editing a Cell in a Database.

By Walter Seme on 27 Nov 2012
I would like a regular expression that will filter invalid parameters to make it valid.

Example: Editing a Price in a database, data type is Currency.  If $1,000,000 is entered. It is registered as invalid. But if 1000000 is entered, it is valid. I would like the $1,000,000 to be valid when entered. This should be the same for phone numbers like (555) 555-5555 or 5555555555. Etc.
Jorge Silva28 Nov 2012
You mean doing a truncation by default? Or something else?
Walter Seme28 Nov 2012
No, being able to accept multiple forms of formatted input.

So if I enter $1,000,000 it will be considered invalid input for a currency text field. At the moment, it is considered invalid because of the $ and the commas are inputted. The way to work around this would be to just enter 1000000 without the dollar sign and commas for a currency field. All I am saying is that it would be nice to accept the $1,000,000 as currency.

The same thing goes with phone numbers. 5555555555 can be accepted. But if I enter it  in like this (555) 555-555 it does not register as valid input.
Walter Seme28 Nov 2012
Attached is a picture of what I am suggesting. The input should either be formatted properly after entered. (All that would be required to do this is a reqular expression) or just be considered valid input.
Jorge Silva28 Nov 2012
So what you mean is to actually have a way to identify both ways to insert currency (in this example, could be something else) to actually insert in the DataBase without trouble, either by the default way or by following the input format (like we write it on paper for instance).
Sounds like an interesting request for a feature
Walter Seme28 Nov 2012
Yep, exactly.
Kilian Hekhuis3 Dec 2012
Couldn't you just have a text field, and parse that?
Walter Seme3 Dec 2012
First, it is a text field. Second, yes that is possible. But I am saying that parsing should be inferred because the inputted data type is known.
Rebecca Hall3 Dec 2012
There is a component in Forge that does input mask filters.