Refactoring Attributes (Search & Replace Attributes)

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We are currently swapping one Espace with another, this includes an Entity.  It is easy to be able to do "Find Usages" of all web screens and then be able to replace them with another.  However, when I search for Entity Attribute usages, I don't have this option.  I get the error messages that show me where they are at, but I have to manually go through everything to fix this.  It would be nice to be able to do the same thing with Entity Attributes to swap them out.  (And a big time saver)
Created on 5 Dec 2012
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Hello rebecca,

Can't you search on the name and then use the find and replace function?
You can do the search and replace, but it also replaces other text in the application that shouldn't be replaced.  So you still end up going through variables one at a time.
So the search function must be better so you only find the elements that you want to replace?