2017-12-13 08-27-28
Joey Moree
Possibility to define datatype output for server action
Service Studio

Sometimes I have a very generic action which takes an object or text for input (let's compare to JSON for now). And my output is a structure linked to the input.

Currently I have a few options before me:
- Create several outputs (1 for each type of output I want, which could be infinitely many!)
- Create seperate actions (1 for each type, but again that can be infinitely many)
- I could again return a text or object out of this action, after which I call JSONDeserialize (if something like that is even available!).

I would just like to be able, to input a structure (or something) to be used as an output definition. Similar to how JSONDeserialize is working, it would greatly improve the ability to create abstract functions with multiple uses without messing up the clean code.