Structure fields translated when exporting to excel

By Luis Paulo Soares on 10 Dec 2012
Allow translate structure fields when exporting to excel.
At the moment it is only visible in service studio.
Kilian Hekhuis17 Dec 2012
Not only allow to translate them, but also to give them a proper label, instead of the structure_field_name_a_business_user_doesnt_care_for.
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Isn't this one implemented yet?

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Kilian Hekhuis17 Feb 2015
'fraid not. Platform 9 also treats the export a bit differently, viz. it exports the attribute names only, not the entity names. This gives problems when exporting then importing a sheet if there's entities with the same attribute names (e.g. "Id").

Can remember something that this could be solved when the export is done trough the use of a structure, not directly on the entity. But again, don't know this for shure.

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