There should be option to edit multiple Site properties on one click. 
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Currently we need to update site properties one by one and its very annoying actually.

*In my use case I have 10 site properties and I do update all the 10 site properties multiple times in a day just to test all the scenarios and changing and saving one site property takes time so just think the pain for doing same thing again and again 10 times.

*So, there should be option to edit multiple site properties in one click save so that I can edit all the 10s in one click.

*Benefits: - Time Saving, improve productivity.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann


I think your use case is not that common to constantly change site properties.

But I do understand. You could consider to create an app that helps you set the site properties automatically per test case scenario. Create an entity with all the site properties and populate it with records per test scenario. You can acess the meta data entities in Systems module to set site property values.

Now you can use this app to quickly change the site properties.