loop component.
Frontend (App Interfaces)

Flows with the For Each component are often visually confusing.

If it were possible, I would like there to be a component to declare the end of the For Each, that is, to return to the next item in the loop.

This would make the flow visually clearer.

I made some examples giving the LOOP nickname to the component that declares the end of the item in the for each.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Indeed, it should be easier to break the cycle. +1.

In the meanwhile, what some of us do to achieve something similar is to move the cycle logic to an action because you can force the action to return. Example:

You are right Ricardo! That is a straightforward solution for achieving what is proposed, and in my opinion clear


Actually I wouldn't want to break the cycle.

I would like to jump to the next item in the cycle without having to traverse arrows all the way through the flow until I get to the cycle again.

I would like to rewrite the idea to make it clearer, but I can't.

I see... I wrongly understood your idea, you don't want a "break" you want a "continue".

I also didn't fully understand.  But what will happen when we have a cycle inside other and select the wrong loop.


I wasn't thinking of a solution that needs to select the cycle you want to go next.

I think this should happen automatically.

But if it is the case that you have to select the cycle, and you select the wrong cycle, then I believe it will not have the behavior you expected.

So trying to rewrite that idea to bring clarity to what we really need.

The problem is that actions with the loop component are confusing because they have a lot of arrows that go forward and backward.

The solution is to develop a component that passes the loop to the next cycle (or terminates when reaching the last cycle) without having to point arrows to the loop component (similar to the End component)

Sample 1 (with one loop):

Sample 2 (with loop inside loop):