Create user actions with a comment block by default

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Commenting is not on the Outsystems developer's ADN yet. We are spoiled by the visual code.

It might be intersting to have a comment block by default just as we always have an exception handler created by default on every new screen action.
Created on 14 Jan 2013
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Well, it would be handy to create some kind of templates.

For example, I don't like having exception-handlers in every screen/action, because I need them to bubble upwards most of the time.
I've said it many times... Service Studio needs costumization.
If we go to the SS Preferences we have 3 textboxes and 3 checkboxes.

Some of SS behaviors could be costumized within the preferences area, and this idea could be one of them.

If we have a look at Microsoft Visual Studio options, there are tons of things we can change, and make the IDE work as we need\want.

Service Studio is just too rigid!
This should be an user setting then.

I personly just use the action description, so I don't want a default comment that I must fill. On this way you can also read the description of an action in the user flow without opening the action itself.

More some kind of developer 'mind setting' to always fill the user action description.