Select or Unselect all fields in integration studio

By Luís Teixeira on 18 Jan 2013
I have noticed that sometimes I feel the need to have a button to select or unselect the fields instead of being a prick us all fields individually.
Kilian Hekhuis22 Jan 2013
Well, that would only apply to the "mandatory" checkbox. I can't see a user case where it would desirable to switch them all on or off?
Luís Teixeira23 Jan 2013
The button, can be in any place there in integration, since it allows you to select or unselect all fields.
Kilian Hekhuis23 Jan 2013
I'm not sure you understand what "selecting the fields" means in this case. The checkbox is not for selection, but for indicating whether the field is mandatory. There's no feature in integration studio to change anything on multiple fields, so selecting them all has no use currently.