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It would be really nice if we had a view on Service Studio for Public Components only like Webscreens, Webblocks, actions, structures, and so on.

We could also mouse right click them and have their options that they have at the moment.  We could easly locate all eSpace public components and where they are being used in other espaces.
Created on 30 Jan 2013
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Wouldn't it be possible to add those public components to another webflow?

The right click and have all options isn't clear to me, which options?

Search where it's used just do a right click and search 'find useage in all eSpaces'.

Well, for organization reasons they should belong to their webflow and not a public webflow. that doesnt make sense.

The thing is that if we have some webflows, with many webscreens, webblocks, etc and if some are private and others public we cant figure out which components of the eSpace are public.
I see, you want some kind of filter and/or different icon?