Include Assyncronous Message Queuing Connector Capabilitiies

Fábio Silva
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Due the desired movement of Outsystems into the Enterprise IT world, from my experience, sooner or later, it will be needed a way to easily connect to MQ based ESB's or EAI. It should be a native feature of the Agile platform to have a way to subscribe to a message queue (MSMQ or JMS) and fire an Action or a BPT process whenever a message with certain characteristics arrives to that queue.
It should be analyzed the fact that an ESB or EAI processes thousands of messages per second, so I believe that a tie to the RDBMS might not be a good technical solution.

It should also be possible to write to queues (the idiom should be the same as Webservices).
At least the standard: Point-to-Point, Publish/Subscribe and Broadcast message transmission/reception models should be supported.
Created on 31 Jan 2013
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Since this idea was created (more than 3 years now), has OS made any development towards native message queuing support?
5 Apr 2017

We asked the same thing on several occasions, or as an alternative, a way to deploy C# Windows Service or Actions that would behave like Windows Services.

Until now we have no solution from Outsystems, we are subscribing to RabbitMQ with Windows Services running in another box, and when a message arrives we push them to an Outsystems web service.

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