WebScreen to WebBlock conversion and vice versa

By André Santos on 13 May 2010
It would be nice to be able to convert a webscreen into a webblock and vice versa with one click.

ovatsus14 May 2010
In 5.0 you can already do that by copying the screen and then using Paste As and selecting Web Block
Pedro Oliveira14 May 2010
Indeed Gustavo is right.

Just copy your webscreen, select "Paste As..." and then use the option WebBlock.

Paulo Tavares15 Jul 2010
Already Done.
John Wollner3 Mar 2011
It would also be nice if this functionality included the ability to select a container on a page and convert it to a web block. 

For example, intelliwarp crates a linked table what you drag an entity to an edit record page.  It would be nice to be able to convert that object to a web block