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Ability to define custom datatype, and use them in our application.

You might want to define a valid format for a custom datatype, then when you use them in a edit record, you would select the datatype. 

Now the application will verify the data type is valid based on the conditions set for the custom data type as defined by the application developer.

Just like how outsystems defined datatypes such as Email, PhoneNumber, Currency etc
Created on 12 Feb 2013
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I like the idea very much, because we are in need of it.

Backside is that we will introduce more runtime errors

Are you talking about subtyping?
I don't think he is talking about subtyping. 

Consider an ISBN (ex 1-1111-111-11). He should be able to define the type ISBN which contains 4 fields:
  • an integer field with one digit
  • an integer field with four digits
  • an integer field with three digits
  • an integer field with two digits.
When an ISBN object is created it must obey those constraints.