Merge accounts without closing one of them
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For me doesn't make sense when we move activity to a different account one of them is deleted.

Nowadays it's important for companies to have profiles associated to the company due the certifications overall, but people can make a company change and probably wants to move everything for the old account.

We can create again an account with our email but when the account is closed we lose the personal environment and all the content if we don't make a backup, another point is the old accounts has a custom domain that nowadays it's not possible to have.

I think we should have a possibility to move all the activity to another account but an option to keep both accounts active also should be possible.


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Non of this is necessary. You can have one account. Even when you move companies. There is different ways to approach this.

Either you always stick with your private email as community account.

A company can add you to their member list, and the certifications will automatically count the next day to the company certification totals.

You can also decide to use your company email as community email. When changing job to another partner all you need to do is change your community email to the new company email address. Again when your new company adds you to their member list, certifications are automatically moved to the new company.

The ex employer never needs to be consulted in this.

Hi Daniel,

Interesting because support team didn't gave me this option.

How I can change the e-mail as you suggested? 

Anyway I'll ask the company to add my personal e-mail to the company.


If I change the email I'll keep my personal environment, do you know?

Yes, it is called "Change email", not "Change email and remove personal environment".
I will mark this idea as out-of-scope, agree?

Go ahead. Thanks for your help

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Not an idea. Can be achieved easier with existing features on the community profile settings.

Hi Daniel,

Just to let you know unfortunately this process is not 100% secure and I had a really bad experience with the functionality to change the email.

That's why I opened a new idea: