Auto Refresh Forum Screen with the latest replay or Post
Not right now

Hello Team

The idea is just to know whether someone has already posted something and added their comment to the forum post, so if we are adding the same content we know that it is already been posted by some.

So a lot of time when posting a comment on a forum post, and typing a solution for the post. In between this, someone has already posted in this duration, but we were not able to see that because to see that reply on a post we need to refresh the page or we end up posting a solution that someone has already posted few minutes back.

So If we can make the forum detail page and forum main page work Live, with help of web sockets, and Firebase, so the page get refreshed automatically.

This will help us not refresh the page again and again and eliminate us to post similar solution posts. 

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hello Tousif Khan,

While I see value in your idea, the use case is not that frequent and we have other priorities at the moment.
Therefore, I'm going to mark this idea as "Not right now".
If the ideas gains several likes and comments we can always revisit it.

Thank you for helping improving our products.
Kind regards,
Community Product Owner