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Out of scope

Dear All,

Show the details of the person who dislikes a comment in the outsystem, so that we can give our argument to them by taking their answer, it will also be easy for us to understand that we were right or not ....!!!

I agree on this, we should know the specific reason for dislike.

Sure, a few default options can be helpfull where the person who dislikes need to choose from.

Something like:
Question already answered
Needs more explanation/description
Duplicate answer
Not a valid answer
And an 'Other...' option where the person who dislikes can type a reason

If this is about you latest forum comment:

That forum post has already received two answers within ten minutes in between them, multiple days before your comment.

So in short: your comment most probably received the downvotes because of answering an already solved question.
And as I read your comment, it is really not that clear and descriptive of your proposed solution.
No need to add another comment, or explain here, because the question has already answers and they are verified by the original poster.

Changed the status to
Out of scope

Hello Abhishek , 

The dislikes are anonymous to avoid take it to the personal side.
Also, some dislikes do not need a explanation.

You can always reach me with specific cases and I will check it. Providing a good explanation I can review it. 
So for this reason I must tag this idea as Out of the scope.

Please keep sharing your feedback so we can continue to improve our product for our users.

Best regards,