Stored Procedures in integration Studio

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Possibility of importing stored procedures as we already do for tables and views. This stored procedures should map into Actions with the input and output parameters.
Created on 15 Feb 2013
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This would be very helpfull and the same could been done with the databaseactions
This would be awesome!

Hi Vasco,

While indeed there's margin for improvement in how Stored Procedures can be called, currently it is possible to use them inside OutSystems. You can search the Forge for existing connectors to do that (like Oracle Connector), you can use the RuntimePublic.Db API inside an extension to do that or you can use a SQL node to do that. The last link includes a discussion about these various possible ways.

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Pedro Guimarães

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When adding an external database via Integration Studio, it would be great if we could also integrate Stored Procedures as executable objects/entities within Outsystems.

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