jQuery "test" console

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Nowadays there are to many online javascript test page.
I don't know if it is possible but could be great if developers wouldn't need to publish
all the application  just to test some scripts.

Or most like something integrated with the default browser just to see if
there is some sintax erros or not.

Something like that: http://writecodeonline.com/javascript/ inside the service studio.
Facebook has it own javascript test console: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/console/ 

maybe what I'm talking about does not make any sense but I think that it would help a lot
Created on 15 May 2013
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what is the advantage of having it inside service studio?
I mean, jfiddler is one browser away?

in my mind, the advantage of having it inside could be the facility of testing js. not only this but the velocity in feedback when testing some javascript blocks as i said before.

well, i'm not sure if the fiddler is the same thing. i understood that fiddler is a web debugger.
but the ideia is only to see if a javascript/jquery works or not.

thats all.
I would say that using Firebug is enough...
Yeah... but in my point of view, to do that, you need to wait the application to be published...
it could be fastar doing that in the service studio without publishing the whole application.
Got your point... seems to me that I develop in a different way that you do tperrelli.. I normaly try it on the Firebug console before adding the code to my screens. In that way, after publishing, you just need to check that it is ok.
Yes, i also use firebug of chrome console.... but in this way, you still need to publish and check if everything is okay.
Sometimes we can get compatibiity erros or things like that.