Support REST Web Services and WADL

By Gerry on 4 Jun 2013
Support REST Web Services and WADL in Service Studio.
Justin James6 Jun 2013
WADL is not very widespread for REST, for better or for worse, supporting it will not be of much benefit unfortunately. :(

scott kent6 Aug 2014
When you are on a tight deadline and have only 4 hours to turn around a product and need to integrate with their REST service, it is a HUGE BENEFIT.

If I can consume their REST API with a WADL, then you just made me a hero. Otherwise I fight like mad for 12 hours to get things done before morning.

I know 9 has better REST support I hope this was considered. I have a WADL right in front of me that would be great if Outsystems consumed it as easily or close to it as a SOAP Web Reference with out me having to crack open Visual Studio.