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Since we're on usability nowadays, I like to see ECT improved so you can actually use it even more for
- clicktesting
- feedback with extra questions like " how did you find the site, how is the speed, how happy are you with this feature, etc."
Created on 17 Jun 2013
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The biggest problem I had with ECT the last time I tried is, was that the circle for activating it was total "mystery meat navigation" to the end user. Everyone I tried it with wasn't sure what it was. Once they discovered it they loved it, but the circle was too subtle for people to notice, and when they did they weren't sure what it would do and were afraid to click to find out.

Maybe that's changed since the last time I tried it (version 5.1 or 6?) though.

We're using Uservoice now to do a lot of the same stuff, I'd much prefer to use a 100% OutSystems solution!