[Service Studio] New Entity list view feature!

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This feature would be good to have when you want to view and edit multiple entity attribute all at once, on a single screen!

If you have ever used Sybase Powerdesigner data modeling tool, you would probably discover that it is one of the best data modeling tool on the market!

One feature it has is the ability to show all Entity attribute in a list view format onto a single screen. To implement this new list view feature in outsystems, it might show the following header attributes/indexes columns"

Attributes View/Edit:
"Entity Name | Column Name | Data Type | Index [] | Length | Decimals | AutoNumber [] | Mandatory [] | Delete Rule [] | Default Value | Label | Public [] | Expose Read Only [] | Expose Process Events [] | Update Behavior | Multitenant []"

Indexes View/Edit:
"Entity Name | Index Name | Attribute | Unique []

Created on 22 Apr 2010
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Hi Robert,

I take it you have checked out the Entity Diagram. (CTRL-E in Service Studio)

It would indeed be nice to have the ability to show some extra info e.g. indexes etc.
Also the on delete / on change actions would be nice.

We also use the Sybase Powerdesigner tool for data modelling.
It would be very nice if you guy's could do some reflection on it.

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