Add caching feature to JAVA stack

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On the JAVA stack Add ...
  • Cache for Web Screens
  • Cache for Web Blocks
  • Cache for Queries
  • Cache for User actions
  • Cache for web services
Keep up with the .NET Stack.
Created on 3 Jul 2013
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Merged this idea with '[Outsystems Java stack: Catchup to .NET stack] add missing feature: cache' (created on 2014-04-06 23:14:39 by - -)
Just like Outsystems .NET stack, the Java stack should also have cache for webscreens, actions, queries etc

Please add this missing feature.

Merged from '[Outsystems Java stack: Catchup to .NET stack] add missing feature: cache' (idea created on 2014-04-06 23:14:39 by Robert Chanphakeo), on 2015-01-21 15:25:48 by Gonçalo Borrêga
On large scale database systems caching is really very helpful to improve performance! Would be great if OutSystems will enable it for Java (in fact, we already set the cache timeout values, hoping that OutSystems will implement it soon!).

OutSystems suggests using a commercial or open source cache solution; of course this could be done, but it's not trivial at all to set this up with correct cache invalidation on updates.

Most external cache solutions don't know which data is good for caching and which not, so these are more or less a "cache all" approach (with Java 2nd level cache solutions this is possible, but these require integration at Java code level by means of annotations or configuration). Or they are really a layer between the app server and the database (like Terracotta).

In any case, these solutions add quite some complexity.

Having the caching option in OutSystems would make live really much much easier, as you can simply decide in Service Studio which data is to be cached and which not.
Indeed: Keep up with the .NET Stack !!
for java stack caching is needed .System does not scale