[Service Studio] - Advance view Mode, to display all technical features/options.

Service Studio
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There should be two view modes

- Standard mode (Displays only the essential features - default mode, suitable for beginners/business analysis) and 

- Advance mode (Displays essential features plus technical features - suitable for developers)


In advance view mode a developer should be able to 

- Run scripts

- Import html and service studio detect DIV tags and automatically converts them into container widgets with style applied etc etc

- View all entities indexes at a glance 

- View the entities runtime table names (after publishing) 

etc etc

I've seen useful features that outsystems implemented in service studio beta get removed in the final product, (Ive beta tested 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, and seen this happen before)

Instead of removing technical features and try to hide everything from the user, you should have two views modes - only hide technical features in "standard" view mode. Show all technical features in "Advance" mode. Developers want to see everything under the hood. 

Created on 3 Jul 2013
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