Red Action - Action with commit inside

By José Ventura on 5 Jul 2013
Many times you want to develop an action that should commit only when you know a transaction is final and only at this point should be commited.
But... sometimes you put inside a action a call to other action and if you dont have carefull to verify if this action as a commit inside (and this can have to be a recursive carefull...) you can start introducing a commit where you dont want in your initial action, and that can be a problem.
A action that contains a commit could turn red when inserted inside other action, so that the developer had the visual impact of the "blind" commit on his action.
I think what you want is something similar to how git works right?

You can commit, many times, locally then when you are done you push the changes to the server.
José Antunes8 Jul 2013
I think what José means is that when a user action has an CommitTransaction action in it's flow, it should change color (red) if used/dragged inside another user/screen action.

It would be nice, indeed...
Interesting... I wouldn't quite consider that specific color change, but some visual cue that could do the trick would certainly be welcome and save a lot of trouble. Great idea José!!
Guilherme Jesus18 Jul 2013
Good idea! It will help to prevent future problems.