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It would be nice to have in Popup_Editor, and any 'other widget dependant object' an IsActive dynamic property

I just came out to the conclusion that if my link is disabled, and popup_editor is loaded, IE7 does not like it because somehow it doesn't find the link.

I had to manually add an if to the popup widget with the same "visibility and enable" conditions for my link...

Interesting also would be if Service Studio warned me about this "might happen" situations. (although this seems to be an IE7 thing, it does make sense)
Created on 15 May 2010
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actually the popup-widget should be easier without assigning a link to it first.

what do you mean?

How could it be easier?

Don't think Service Studio must give warnings for different browsers.  Looks like it's gonne be hard and also you can get a lot of messages in SS.

You can solve the problem by doing the link and popUp widget in one if statment with the same logic.

Think this is one thing that should be included in documentation 'what you need to know about the popUp widget' or something like that. I see it more as that logic that a PopUp doesn't have a button with submit.