Realtime outdated references warning in ServiceStudio

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Nice to have: a warning icon on ServiceStudio's status bar, that would warn there user that there are outdated references in the currently opened eSpace. 
Created on 11 Jul 2013
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Although I like the idea, I fear the stress on the servers will get higher.

polling: every espace polling the server to check if the references are outdated?
pushing, the server needs to check every second or less to see if there outdated references.
then broadcast those espaces, every service studio needs to hook on the broadcast to see if the message is for them?

Indeed a nice to have ;)

I like the idea.

It's not hard to do this, instead of using a "pull" from the client, use a "push" from the server. When an eSpace is opened, notify the server. When it's closed, notify the server. The server now knows who to notify when something is outdated.

It can even auto-merge as long as there are no conflicts.