Keyboard Shortcut to access Expression Editor directly

By Mark Bayles on 18 Jul 2013
Would be great to be able to directly enter the expression editor from a keyboard shortcut when using the "Assign" Pad on the right side of the screen. 

Currently you need to scroll to the bottom to see the expression editor option.
José Antunes22 Jul 2013
You can double click on the column title 'Value1' to open the expression editor.

I like the idea though, it would be nice to have a shortcut to open Expression Editor on the 'Value' where the cursor is.... The same shortcut could be used do open the Select Variable dialog if the cursor is on the 'Variable1' instead....
Mark Bayles22 Jul 2013
Hi Jose,

I have uploaded an image now which is attached to my original post.

You cannot double click there to access the expression editor in the "Assign" panel part of the screen.

José Antunes23 Jul 2013
Yes you can! You have to double click on the left column, try double click the 'Value' or the 'Variable' labels...

Mark Bayles23 Jul 2013
Jose - you are correct - I was clicking the right part of the area and not the left!

Here I was thinking that I finally found a gap in Outsystem's very well thought out product but alas they already thought of it! :)

Note: I did post this question in the forums but nobody could answer it and the work around that somebody did offer was really lacking / dangerous to use.... maybe it should make its way on to the Short-cut list :)

José Antunes24 Jul 2013
I'm glad I could help... I found your forum post, and added a reply.