Merge ADImport eSpace with Users

By Carlos Henriques on 26 Aug 2013
ADImport eSpace, wich is available in Forge, should be merged with the Users eSpace.
The Users eSpace should have built-in utilities to import users from an Active Directory without the need to install third party eSpaces.

The Users eSpace should have the ability to import users, groups (OU's) and the relationship between the two directly, with an intuitive interface and the option to apply some filters to list.
Richard Pearson2 Sep 2013
Yes I agree this should probably be available out of the box. We have had to implement our own sync mechanisms to do this, it would be much better if it were handled directly by Outsystems.
Mark Tassin11 Aug 2014
I also agree... trying to figure out the proper AD filter syntax to get the proper userlists is frustrating.