[Community] Add "Report as duplicate" feature to Ideas

By Paulo Cunha on 31 Aug 2013
When we check the Community Ideas, we now often find duplicate (or very similar) ideas. They are usually merged by the community administrators after some time, but this process is currently done in a cumbersome way (afaik), being the ideas most of the times commented by someone as being duplicated with some other idea.

It would be nice to harness the power of this awesome community, in actually reporting the duplicate ideas to the administrators (as opposed to writing a comment and hoping for it to be read), by having for instance an option "Report as duplicate" together with an auto-complete where the duplicate idea could be chosen. Then the administrators would receive a periodic report, allowing them to more easily know which ideas are duplicated and merge them, improving the quality and voting of Ideas.

Hope this one is not actually duplicated :)
Hello Paulo,

Would indeed make it easier for the administrators but it would also be nice if 'an OutSystems guy' would be assiged to the wotc.

There is no kind of 'mangement' over the wotc (available/on the roadmap/merged with other/rejected). It keeps getting more and more ideas and also more fragmatend. I know I come here less and less since it looks like nothing is done with it. There has been some 'shouting' in the forum to do something about it, but still didn't did the trick.

Kind regards,