Country Specific Community Leaderboard

On our radar
Because I'm a competitive type I think it would be good to have Country/Location based Community Leaderboards.

This is mainly to see how far up the leaderboard I'd be as a UK user :-)
Created on 16 Sep 2013
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17 Sep 2013
Richard - I like the idea, but I am pretty sure that the number of active users per country isn't high enough for this to make sense. Once you take out OutSystems employees from the rankings (Robert C. is the only non-OS employee in the Top 10 to give you an idea), you'd be looking at 5 or so active folks per country at most, and less than that outside the US, Portugal, and the UK, I think. :(

17 Sep 2013
:-)  I suspected as much. It was more of a gimmicky idea!

Hopefully one day it'll be feasible!

17 Sep 2013
oi! i am non-OS employee!

22 Sep 2013
One day, this idea would make sense!