Disconnect Service Studio from Server

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I think It would be nice if we could disconnect service studio from the server.
Created on 18 Sep 2013
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(and how does unplugging your network-cable will not help?)


well if i want to work offline without being connected to a server i think thats not possible (at least on new versions). 

In my opinion we should be able to work without being connected to a server. That shouldnt be mandatory but i understand that service studio needs to know which applications the server have. 

we also cant create a application from scratch without being connected to a server. we should be able to create a application offline and then put (push) it to the server later on.

Imagine that i want to check/test just something small regarding some issue i would had to use or create a application for that when probably it wouldnt be necessary after.  

if you pull the network-cable you will get out of internet also.

Anyway if by some reason outsystems consider that this isnt a good a idea pls delete it.


I like the idea.

There was a few times that I had one instance of Service Studio connected to the server and fired another instance to check/test something and the second instance connected to the server as well... I want to choose open/check/test in another instance of Service Studio in off-line mode...

It is more like addapt Service Studio to work on an offline mode. People that travels would love this feature...
Still don't understand.

you can develop offline, only thing you cannot do is publish.. seems logical.

if you want to test is locally, well, you need a database, iis etc. installed otherwise how do you want to test it?
(and btw, you can install the platform locally, so no problem there....license wise it will be an issue though)