Open multiple espaces at once

By Tim Timperman on 26 Sep 2013
In Service Studio (6), when you press "download", allow for multiple espaces to be selected and opened at once.
When you have a lot of espaces, opening that pop up takes alot of time, and having to open it multiple times only adds to the frustration.
I know there is also the "open" option, but the espaces you need are not always in there, especially when you work on lots of different things.
Daniel Martins27 Sep 2013
Good point, Tim!
Nuno Rolo8 Oct 2013
A good nice to have!
Tim Timperman23 Oct 2013
I was still using Service Studio 6 when I launched this idea. On version 8, the option is now called "Open from Server ... ". But the requests still stands, as opening multiple espaces at once isn't possible there either. (which I checked before launching the issue btw)
Kilian Hekhuis25 Oct 2013
I think the biggest problem is that after loading, SS does a number of things like checking references that take a lot of time and a lot of processing power (it pulls one of my cores up to 100%). So opening multiple eSpaces would either bring your computer down to a grinding halt, and/or would take a lot of time.
Tim Timperman28 Oct 2013
Well, it is already possible when you do a "find usages in all espaces", and when you find multiple espaces there, you are prompted to open them all at once. After confirmation, that is exactly what happens. So I don't see many issues in implementing this.
Regarding the time required to open those espaces, I'm not too worried. It is not that I want to open 15 espaces at once (somewhere between 2 and 6 maybe). And it usually takes more time to open that pop-up with all the espaces than it takes to open 1 espace.
Kilian Hekhuis28 Oct 2013
Cool, I didn't know that.