Add Query.List.Empty to suggestion list in IF nodes

By André Alho on 2 Oct 2013
When we want to check if a query is empty, we need always to use expression editor.
I suggest that the empty property of the query list can be used without opening expression editor.
For that Outsystems team need to add Query.List.Empty to the suggestion list of the IF nodes' condition property.
Walter Ruço2 Oct 2013
Excellent, it will be a great help
Walter Ruço2 Oct 2013
Excellent, it will be a great help
José Antunes3 Oct 2013

I agree!
I think that all the boolean properties of the query's list should appear in the suggestions list: EOF, BOF and Empty.

Fernando Sousa24 Oct 2013
As José suggested displaying all boolean properties would be more coherent.

However, I almost never use EOF and BOF properties, so I believe that the Empty property would be enough.
Kilian Hekhuis25 Oct 2013
Well, although this would be nice, I'm always using "not empty" (and change the If's title to "Found?" or "Success?" or the like) so my flow is positive instead of negative. But yeah, typing a "not" in front of something auto-selectable is better.
André Alho8 Feb 2014
Already available at 8.0.1!

Great job!!