New espace Wizard

By J. on 17 May 2010

I got the idea from

Create a wizard when starting a new espace

1. choose name of the espace
2. is it an webapplication, or for example a pure webservice-connector
3. add basic references that are available on teh server
4. import the style guide, or import styleguide lite
5. ...

Fernando Sousa17 May 2010
Isn't cloning the Template eSpace the same thing?
J.17 May 2010

no, because that is an exact copy of the espace.

what I mean is selecting certain basic stuff first.
with all sorts of checkboxes etc.

Like this idea!

Now clicking new you get a rearlly empty espace, some thing could easley be asked in a 'startup' wizard.
Manuel Dias20 May 2010
Following our strategy of continuously increasing development productivity, the new coming release 5.1 will introduce a new fresh capability in Service Studio - Wizards.  One of them is exactly to boost the creation of a new application from scratch. So stay tuned to know more about this!
J.20 May 2010

sweet :D

it's getting tougher and tougher waiting for 5.1 :D
Pedro Oliveira30 Jun 2010

5.1 was released and "IntelliWarp" has come to the rescue! Read more about this and other 5.1 features in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!