Integration Studio - Data Type Sorting

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I would be great if the Integration Studio would sort the Data Type's in the drop down listing box in the entity editor.

Seems there is no sorting performed on this at all.

Created on 1 Nov 2013
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Mark -

It is sorted. The system types are at the top, in the order of most used to least used (text, integer, and boolean at the top, currency, phone number, etc. at the bottom). After that, it lists the Identifier types in alphabetical order. If you are choosing a record type, it puts entities at the top in alphabetical order and then structures in alphabetical order.

It feels a bit unintutitive at first, but after some use you'll get used to it and it works REALLY well.

Hi Justin,

I get that part at the top for the most used, it is great how it does that but then when it displays the imported tables that you grab from, say SQL it does not sort these. Please note attached picture. Cheers!

Ah, yes... and I also didn't realize you were talking about *Integration* Studio, where the support for automatic typing based on name does not exist (and it should). :(

That would be a nice feature too!! :D
yup, integration studio could use some love :)